Member Benefits

Legislative Tracking

CMUA tracks all pertinent energy and water bills for our members. Information on these bills is available on “real time” bill tracking reports that members can access on the pages titled “Current State Energy Legislation” and “Current State Water Legislation.”

CMUA provides a short list of high priority or “hot” bills, as well as a longer, more in-depth  list of all bills CMUA tracks for both energy and water. Additionally, CMUA provides links to find energy and water bills that have been amended within the last three days – helping keep members current on all recent changes.

The CMUA Legislative Committee meets approximately every month while the Legislature is in session to form bill positions. Any member of CMUA can participate in the Legislative Committee.

Becoming a Member

Public water or electric utilities and joint power authorities are  eligible for CMUA Membership.

Additionally, private organizations or individuals that provide approved products or services to the utility industry may be eligible for Associate Membership.  Please contact Christine Chapman at or by phone at 916-326-5800 to discuss Associate Member opportunities.

All membership applications are submitted to the CMUA Board of Governors for their consideration and approval.

Membership Applications

New utility members receive 50% off their first-year dues!

For questions concerning CMUA membership, please contact Christine Chapman at or by phone at 916-326-5800.