President’s Message






Without question, Publicly Owned Utilities and Water Agencies have a powerful voice in the California Legislature.

TOGETHER, we serve 70 percent of Californians with water, and legislators know our opinion matters.

TOGETHER, we serve 25 percent of Californians with electricity, rivaling the largest electric utility in the state.

TOGETHER, we promote common-sense policy ideas, and the Legislature looks to us as honest brokers representing real people in our communities.

AND TOGETHER, THROUGH CMUA, your voice is stronger. Recently we took several steps to improve the information we share and the advocacy we accomplish. We now have a weekly email publication — CMUA News & Views — where we highlight the good works of our members and share interesting news from across the state and nation.

Soon we’ll be publishing a first-of-its-kind magazine — California Water & Power — beginning in March 2018. This unique publication will highlight to legislators, regulators and members, our thoughts and ideas to address complicated policy issues that are front and center to today’s debates.

We’ve improved our legislative effectiveness with a weekly Legislative Update, so members are constantly connected to top issues in Sacramento. We also produced an end-of-session summary for 2017 to wrap up the last year and prepare for 2018.

In early 2018 we are publishing the results of CMUA’s Leadership Survey, highlighting what CMUA CEOs think about important issues and impacts of the legislative and regulatory process, and the direction for the electric and water industries for the coming year and beyond. We don’t want to just respond to the ideas of others; we want to set the direction with our own ideas. Our most basic principles — that we are community owned and governed — are how we approach every opportunity and challenge placed before us. Our principles are the truest measure — the North Star — of where great solutions begin.

These CMUA developments and improvements are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. Working TOGETHER, we are taking our place as a leading voice in the future of California. Stakeholders, legislators, regulators — they all want to hear what we have to say.

Let’s make our voices heard, TOGETHER.


Arlen Orchard
CEO & General Manager
Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)